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We work with leaders, teams and organizations to design the business of tomorrow

We equip people with the skills and tools necessary to lead their own transformations. Building the ongoing capacity for individuals, teams, and organizations to continue to adapt and transform themselves.

How we fuel successful transformations:

Defining purpose, vision and values

Organizations needs to be in touch with their core. Starting with purpose, vision and values we help them create a fundament to build their strategy, culture and structure upon.

Strategy & culture

Together we envision a future worth fighting for. Building movement and motivation within the organization and defining what the road ahead looks like. Delivering excellent customer and employee experiences.

Leadership & team design

We enable the learning and development of extraordinary, innovative leaders and teams that will bring new levels of creativity, vision, and integrity to business and society.

We’re a small team that solves big challenges

Our journey started in 2017 when we felt there was a piece of the puzzle missing. Some sort of distance with a deeper sense of meaning or purpose.

So we quit our jobs.

And started building a company that we believe can create real change in business and society at large.

Helping people to show up fully, as the best person they can be.

Our work centers around building purpose-driven organizations. Designing the teams, leaders, strategy, culture and transformations that deliver extraordinary experiences for customers and employees.

We believe the future of business is human-centered.

So we put people at the heart of innovation, leadership and change.

Together we represent the new generation of organizational psychologists.

This is who we are:

Tine Solum
Lars Hæhre

tlf.: 40863336

RØST Psykologer AS
Eidsvollgata 47a
4307 Sandnes